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The Monochromatic Look

While using color in your home is always a refreshing way to make a space have character and personality, the boldness of using only black, white and grey can add a unique touch without being lofty or cold. We have the most beautiful accents in the showroom right now that highlight this exact look and feel.

Accent chairs, like the Riley by J Furniture shown above, not only has a more traditional style in it's shape and comfort in its upholstery, but the pattern of grey, black and white really makes a statement! By pairing this chair with a pop of green and wood tones make for a look that practically anyone can pull off.

The Gloriann, by Ashely Furniture, (shown above) uses the pattern and velvety feel of the upholstery paired with the fun, acrylic legs to showcase its unique look.

The Emma by J Furniture, is another example of how an accent chair doesn't have to have color to make its presence known. The curvature of the chair shape and the print of the upholstery will add a bold touch to that space in your home that needs that "certain something."

Using pillows, accessories and rugs is another way to bring in the monochromatic look without it being like a zebra galloped in your house. Adding black and white and grey to your space can be intimidating but it's also a fun and interesting way to turn a dated space into a more modern and inviting space.

Add different textures and finishes to your space using the monochromatic color scheme. The chaise lounge (left) is a soft, velvet-like upholstery that looks stunning with the chrome-look of the lamp and metallic look of the cabinet.

The leather of the recliner (right) and studded accent it has pairs nicely with the stone-like texture of the lamp and wood of the side table.

Don't be afraid of having a space without color! The monochromatic look can be timeless, fun, warm, inviting, as well as industrial, modern, and fresh.

Let us help you at Warnock Furniture achieve the look you're wanting to achieve using color or no color at all! Come visit our showroom and see what we have to help you style your house into your home!

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