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Apartment Transformations

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

A local small business, turned an abandon building into inspirational coffeeshop and living space. Here is our part of their journey.

Located on the west side of the downtown district in Magnolia, Arkansas is a quaint coffeeshop. Above the shop, there is housed 5 apartments. In 20__, Shelly Hughes and husband, ____ rennovated an existing abandoned space. Originally the building housed Chambers Law Office. Since the law office had long since shut down, the space went the way of many historical downtown buildings. It needed major work. Thankfully Shelly and her husband saw the gem the building would become. And after almost 2 years of renovations, lots of sweat, lots of tears the coffee shop was opened up on ____. The apartment space soon followed. Through all the renovations, Shelly and her husband tried to keep as much of the original building preserved. The copper tiled ceilings, antique glass and classic gas fireplace elements were all preserved in the renovation. The exposed ceilings and beams to the building to give it a unique feel to this old downtown building.

Ebb and flow of renovation life

Sometimes, it's hard to believe this was the same space I walked into.

The renovations were daunting. Anyone who's every updated a space knows, that nothing... I mean nothing... goes as planned. Tearing apart a building, finding unknown damages, adding plumbing, finding unwanted pests and just plain neglect over the years was enough to wear anyone out. All the problems, all the solutions, all the hard work is supposed to pay off, hopefully, right? Absolutely, and after the long journey, the renovation was finally completed. It should be smoothing sailing from here. Well... until the next hurdle to jump. Tenants.


Shelly and her husband now had to tackle the next part of the renovation. Finding Tenants. The space was ready for people. In all struggle small town spaces, housing is always in a crunch. Shelley was blessed with some great tenants. But with apartment spaces comes job changes, moves and family growth. Not all tenants stay forever. (Though some of them, she wished would!). And as time went on, Covid-19 repercussions hit Magnolia.

Impact of Covid-19

Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.

Everyone is tired of hearing about the Covid-19 pandemic. We all get it. We all, thankfully, have lived through it... so far. But as Covid's started it journey through the United States. All of us were effected. Sadly some of her beloved tenants had to make changes in their lives. We all get it. It left some spaces without the prospect of new tenants.

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