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House Visit: House of Joy!

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Date: July 29, 2022 |Story: Tiffany Adams |Photography: Rett Peek |Styling: Steph Smith

After five years spent completing a medical residency and fellowship, Maggie and Blake Chism were ready to return to the Natural State. “We had lived in Memphis and, most recently, in Baltimore in a two-bedroom apartment with our three young children,” Maggie explains.With the light of a job for Blake in Little Rock at the end of the tunnel, the Chisms began the hunt for a home for their family of five.

“We had been looking at this house, and I wasn’t sure about it at first,” Maggie says. After living in two are as steeped in history, they were slightly hesitant about being in a newer part of the capital city. “But this neighborhood—all of the sudden—has an age to it in a really positive way,”she says of their west Little Rock subdivision. Moreover, the house was conducive to the family’s day-to-day lifestyle with enough bedrooms for them all to be on one floor, a huge backyard for play, and a garage. “Those were features we did not take for granted because we hadn’t had them before,”Maggie says. “Everything was just so livable.”

Perhaps even more alluring was the fact that the house would require only cosmetic updates. “The bones here were so strong, and I could really envision making it my own,” Maggie says. The couple planned to close on the home during a surprise trip to Little Rock for Maggie’s father’s birthday in March 2020, allowing them to slowly implement changes before their summer move. While they were in town, the COVID pandemic took off and the family’s situation changed. Thinking the worst would be over in a few weeks, Maggie and the children stayed behind with her parents while Blake returned to Maryland; however, a few weeks turned into a few months with Maggie spearheading the home’s renovation—which included adding extensive trim work, fresh coats of paint throughout, and new flooring—and Blake packing their belongings at the apartment. “I couldn’t believe the changes were just cosmetic,” Blake says about first seeing the transformation. “The trim work especially added a lot to the look and feel. This was the summer of 2020, during strange and uncertain times, so it was areal blessing to move from Baltimore to a settled home,”he adds.

To complement the refreshed structure, Maggie tapped into her natural bend toward traditional yet fresh furnishings, relaying that she is fond of the current grandmillennial aesthetic that mixes both. “Our generation has an endless supply of inspiration, so it can be challenging to know if you like something because you’ve seen it repeated on your feed or if it really speaks to you,” she says. To this point, she was intentional about everything from paint colors to photo frames. “I want to be sure it’s really something I love, and all the better if it has personal meaning,” she says.

As they have settled in, Maggie continues to tweak the design. For example, the bedroom originally designated for their son turned out to be more conducive to an office, while the antique chairs she fell in love with for the breakfast nook now seem better suited to another season of life. “A family home is like a family: always evolving,” Maggie says. “If you enjoy design and interiors, you’re going to be continually inspired. Over time, justas the family grows and their needs change, the house becomes more layered—hopefully always increasing in richness and depth. It’s a wonderful thing to imagine staying here for the foreseeable future and knowing that20-plus years from now the home will reflect all the life lived within these walls.

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Visit At Home In Arkansas for the full article

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