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Updated: Apr 2

Publishing Date:  January 4, 2024  |   Photography: Rett Peek    

Local pros give us the skinny on ideas for easy updates, their favorite recent trends, and design predictions for the coming year! AtHome Arkansas

What are a few of your favorite go-to tactics to refresh a bedroom?

“Paint can easily change the mood of the room. Wall décor is also a fun way to personalize—a gallery wall of photographed memories, large dramatic paintings, fun 3D wall art, or even a funky decorative mirror can transform your space.”—Briony Kendrick, Kaufman by Design West

“Since we spend about eight hours a day in our beds, I would start with new bed linens, a coverlet, and sleeping pillows. Beyond that, I think fresh flowers are a real luxury, and those can be clippings from your yard or picked up from the local grocery store.”—Kevin Walsh, Bear Hill Interiors

“My go-to strategy includes three elements: lighting, bedding, and art. Lighting can be updated with a new fixture or bedside lamps, and swapping out pillows or bed linens can make a big difference. The best part about these updates is that they can be done more frequently, so you won’t have to repaint your room whenever you crave a change of scenery.”—Miguel Newberg, M.N.’Teriors

“The easiest and quickest way to give a bedroom a refresh is first with paint—it’s budget-friendly and can make a big impact! Next, choose a new fabric for your bed pillows. It always makes me happy when I get new pillows for a space.”—Ashley Brewer, Ashley Brewer Interiors

“Revitalizing a weary bedroom is as simple as introducing fresh elements like new lamps, bedding, pillows, and artwork. Each of these components holds the power to invigorate the space, injecting new life and character into the room.”—Shayla Copas, Shayla Copas Interiors

“We refresh ours twice a year with bedding (light or heavyweight, depending on the season), a scented candle, and, of course, flowers from the garden or market.”—Daniel Keeley, DK Design

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