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Color Pop w/ Comfort

Adding a pop of color to your space doesn't have to mean you're sacrificing comfort! This day and age, you need function, style AND comfort to your space to make your house into a functional home. The days of "the picture-perfect home" has slowly gone away.

People now want a home that is "livable," comfortable, functional and useful for their family. The "magazine look" is still pretty, but realistically, not that functional. Today, there are more homes with the comfort and functionality that do not waiver on style. Today's products and materials are made so differently to be more durable and beautiful!

Adding color isn't scary! Using decor & fabric to pull in your favorite colors is your best bet. Using a rug or throw will add dimension and style as well as centralize the look you're going for.

Visit our showroom and let us help you choose what fits your space and style.

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